07 Mär 2024
16:00  - 19:00

Moving Away from Lectures: the SCALE-UP Active-Learning Pedagogy

SNI Workshop description

We offer this workshop to demonstrate the SCALE-UP collaborative group-learning pedagogy.  This will be an active-engagement experience with a focus on the in-class delivery of exercises and the pedagogical value of collaborative activities. Our primary objective is to enable participants to experience the activities from the student perspective, since that is the best way to perceive the benefits of interactive engagement. Workshop Activities will include:

  • Conceptual “clicker” questions using a student response system
  • Whiteboard exercises comprising conceptual or numerical problems
  • Group quizzes using “lottery ticket” scratch-off cards
  • Short hands-on exercises involving tangible manipulation

The workshop is flexible, and the emphasis can vary depending upon the preferences of the participants.  Ultimately, the aim of the workshop is to provide a clear and impactful example of the dynamic atmosphere that can prevail in a classroom that is conducted using a collaborative group-learning approach. 


This course can be credited towards the Certificates in Higher Education Practice: Module ‘Context Higher Education and Discipline-Specific Teaching’ (3h)

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