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    University Aarhus

    University Aarhus

    Procedure and Application Form

    Students applying for exchange study at the University Aarhus must apply using the online form. The form also includes the applications for housing. Paper based application forms are no longer accepted. Please be aware that students have to upload their transcript of records and attach it to the online application form. If the Transcript of Records is not attached, we cannot process the application. If this is not possible for your students, please inform us as soon as possible. The application process is outlined as follows:

    1. Sign-up for an account on our Self Service website (www.au.dk/selfservice)
    2. Log in and create a new application
    3. Fill in the application. Detailed instructions can be found here: www.au.dk/en/exchange/admissiontoau/.
    4. During the application process, the student is able to save, exit and re-enter the application at any time.
    5. The student will be asked to upload a transcript of records in .pdf format.
    6. As part of the application, the student will be required to fill in the contact information for their coordinator at their home university. This information will be used to send an e-mail to the coordinator requesting confirmation that the student has been nominated by the home university.
    7. Once the application is complete and the coordinator has confirmed the nomination, the student can submit the application.
    8. The student is able to follow the status of his/her application on the self service website. They will also receive standard confirmation emails.
    9. Once the student has been accepted, the International Centre will send them a Welcome Package containing important information and further instructions.