List of all Argovia Projects at the SNI, started in 2011.

A6.8 BioMMA - Biomimimetic membranes designed from supported amphiphlic block copolymers and aquaporins as new materials for envrionmental applicationsO. Glaied (FHNW Muttenz)W. Meier (Uni Basel), T. Wintgens (FHNW), G. Bou-Habib (MMS AG Membrane Systems, Urdorf; ZH)
A6.10 Ghost Image - Personalisiertes Bildrelief für AusweiskartenJ. Gobrecht (PSI)M. Kristiansen (FHNW Windisch), B. Lüscher (FHNW Windisch), C. Sailer (Trüb AG, Aarau; AG)
A6.11 Nanocool - Nanostructured water retaining functional textiles for control of skin temperature in medical applicationsU. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz)W. Meier (Uni Basel), J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Height (HeiQ Materials AG, Bad Zurzach; AG), M. Hess (UNICO swiss tex GmbH, Alpnachstad; OW)
A6.12 Nanopol - Large-area wire-grid polarizers for display technologyY. Ekinci (PSI)J. Gobrech t(PSI), M. Kristiansen (FHNW Windisch), H. Solak (Eulitha AG, Villigen, AG)
A6.14 ONADA - Optimizing nanoparticle adhesion for dental care applicationsS. Goedecker (Uni Basel)E. Meyer (Uni Basel), J. Köser (FHNW Muttenz), S. Schweizer (GABA International Ltd., Berikon; BL)
A6.15 STOP - Novel security tagging systems for protection against product piracyU. Pieles(FHNW Muttenz)E. Constable (Uni Basel), C. Housecroft (Uni Basel), J. Gobrecht (PSI), N. Summa (Printcolor Screen Ltd., Berikon; BL)

List of all Argovia Projects at the SNI, started in 2010.

A6.4 HiFi Rep - High fidelity mass replication of nanostructuresJ. Gobrecht (PSI)M. Kristiansen (FHNW Windisch), H. Schift (PSI), Y, Ekinci (PSI), H. Solak (Eulitha AG, Villigen, AG)
A6.5 NAPTIS - Nano- and micro-scaled porous surfaces of titanium implants pro-duced by spark-assisted anodizingU. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz)M. de Wild (FHNW Muttenz), I. Martin (Uni Hospital Basel), F. Schlottig (Thommen Medical Waldenburg; BL), C Jung (KKS Ultraschall, Steinen; UR)
A6.6 Pharmasecure - Produktschutz von gecoateten pharmazeutischen TablettenA. Stuck (CSEM Basel)G. Imanidis (FHNW Muttenz), M. Thomann (NANO 4 U AG, Muttenz; BL)
A6.7 VIPs - Virus imprinted nanoparticles with applications to dairy productionP. Shahgaldian (FHNW Muttenz)P. Corvini (FHNW Muttenz), W. Meier (Uni Basel), G. Bou-Habib (MMS AG Membrane Systems, Urdorf; ZH)

List of all Argovia Projects at the SNI, started in 2009.

A5 D2Gel - Controlled release from PVA-hydrogels via polymeric vesiclesW. Meier (Uni Basel)U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz), T. Hirth (Biocure GmbH, Rebstein; SG)
A6 DOEMOLD - Injection molding of self-centering diffractive optical elementsA. Stuck (CSEM Basel)J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Gloor (AWM Moldtech AG, Muri; AG)
A6.3 MANGACAT - Flame spray pyrolysis synthesis of manganese oxide nano composite particlesU. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz)E. Constable (Uni Basel), M. height (HEiQ Materials, Bad Zurzach; AG)
A6.13 NanoSol - Novel dyes for solar cell nanostructure-functionalized stentsE. Meyer (Uni Basel)T. Jung (PSI), H. Hug (DSM, Kaiseraugst; AG)
A6.2 NOBIC - Nanostructured surfaces for sensitivity enhancement on waveguidesJ. Gobrecht (PSI)C. Holzer (FHNW), G. Marowsky (Laser-Laboratorium, Göttingen; Germany), A. Lieb (Zeptosens, Witterswil; SO).

List of all Argovia Projects at the SNI, started in 2008.

A6.1 DICANS - Disposable cantilever sensors for biomedicineB. Müller (Uni Basel)J. Gobrecht (PSI), U. Peiles (FHNW Muttenz), F. Battiston (Concentris AG; BS)
A5 IS-NanoSens - Integrateable silicon nanowire sensor platformC. Schönenberger (Uni Basel)U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz), M. Streiff (Sensirion AG, Stäfa; ZH)
A6 NanoPER-SPECT - Targeted tumor imaging with radiolabeled peptide nanoparticlesR. Schibli (PSI)E. Garcia Garayoa (PSI), U. Aebi (Uni Basel), P. Burkhard (Alpha-O Peptides; BL).
A7 NASTE - Nanostructure-functionalized stentsJ. Gobrech t(PSI)G. Dumitru, M. Haussmann (Biotronik AG, Bülach; ZH).

List of all Argovia Projects at the SNI, started in 2007.

A2 Flashcard - Impression of security features on plastic cardsJ. Gobrecht (PSI)H. Sigg (FHNW), H. Widmer (Trüb AG, Aarau; AG)
A3 NanoFracture - Quantitative nano-fracture mechanics for the investigation of adhesionT. Jung (PSI)H. Schift (PSI), E. Meyer (Uni Basel), H. Burkard (HighTec MC AG; AG)
A4 Peptides - Biophysical and phamacokinetic analyses of peptide nanoparticlesU. Aeb i(Uni Basel)G. Imanidis (FHNW Muttenz), P. Burkhard (Alpha_O Peptides; BL)
A5 Polyguide - Fabrication of nanostructured planar waveguide sensors in polymersU. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz)J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Ehrat (Zeptosens, Witterswil; SO)