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Many of us met at the Swiss NanoConvention in Basel in early June, where we learned about numerous advances in nanoresearch and had the opportunity not only to refresh old contacts, but also to make new ones. 

SNI Strategy

Aims and measures for the next ten years

In its Strategy 2024-2034, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) provides a roadmap for its targeted development over the next ten years. The ultimate aim is to position the SNI such that it can put its extraordinary expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology to use in addressing the challenges facing society.

New Nano-Argovia projects in 2024

Toward nanostructured dental implants made of zirconium dioxide  Text

Protein nanocrystals — Structural determination of proteins at atomic-level resolution using electron diffraction  Text

Enzymes to combat plastic waste  Text

New detector for better electron microscope images  Text

On the road to better and safer lithium batteries  Text

Tiny drums as sensors

Aris Lafranca receives the prize for best master’s thesis

This year’s prize for the best master’s thesis in nanosciences at the University of Basel goes to Aris Lafranca. As part of the winning master’s thesis at the Department of Physics, the young nanoscientist from Ticino investigated a hybrid resonator in greater detail.

Guest article by Michelle Arnet

Cytochrome c nanoparticles to treat cancer?

Thanks to an Argovia Travel Grant, Michelle Arnet had the opportunity to do her master’s project at the University of Cambridge (UK). Text

Funding of SNI members

Various grants pave the way for innovative lines of research

Numerous SNI members have been awarded grants from various sources in recent months. 


Electron diffractometer from ELDICO Scientific

First delivery to Germany

The start-up ELDICO Scientific, which was founded in 2019 as part of the SNI network, has delivered and installed its first electron diffractometer in Germany. Based at Park Innovaare, the young company is collaborating with the Max-Planck-Institut (MPI) für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr.



In recent months, SNI members won a series of awards. Professor Sonja Schmid (Department of Chemistry, University of Basel) received the Young Fluorescence Investigator Award 2024 at the annual conference of the Biophysical Society and Professor  Christian Schönenberger (Department of Physics, University of Basel) was honored as one of the APS Outstanding Referees for 2024.


Thank you and farewell to Michèle, and welcome to Battist!

Our long-serving outreach manager Dr. Michèle Wegmann is leaving the SNI and the nanoscientist Dr. Battist Utinger will join the SNI’s management team on 1 July. 


Swiss NanoConvention 2024

Two inspiring days of all things nano

The Swiss NanoConvention in Basel was a success. We look back on two interesting days with a wealth of information about nanoscience and nanotechnology and many inspiring encounters.


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