The SNI PhD School

In 2012, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute founded a PhD School to promote the education of young researchers in the nanosciences. The research activities address the cutting edge scientific and interdisciplinary approach of nanoscience and technology and root in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.

Each doctoral student is supervised by two scientists from the interdisciplinary SNI network and belongs to the successful SNI PhD School. Within this network, scientific exchange and networking is of great importance. All PhD student participate in these meetings of the network as well as in their Winter School and several courses that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the doctoral students.

The PhD School is highly international. Currently, PhD students from 15 different countries are enrolled.

PhD School projects starting in 2024

Apply now for PhD positions starting in 2024.

Ref. Nr.


Principal Investigator (PI)



NANO-PHOTO: NANOstructured protein materials for PHOTOcatalysis
(Candidate is already chosen. Please don't apply)

Adrian Bunzel (ETH D-BSSE)

Thomas R. Ward (University of Basel)


Elucidating synergistic effects of nano topography and peptide immobilisation on osteogenesis (project description)

Anne GĂ©raldine Guex (UZB)

Michael Nash (University of Basel)


Vertical Quantum Dots in Coupled Ge Quantum Wells

Andrea Hofmann (University of Basel)

Ilaria Zardo (University of Basel)


Selective new-to-nature nanopores enabled by biomolecular condensation
(Candidate is already chosen. Please don't apply)

Roderick Lim (University of Basel)

Maria Hondele (University of Basel)


The role of metallic nanoparticles in amyloid condensates and aggregates  (project description)

Luo Jinghui (PSI)

Sebastian Hiller (University of Basel)


Enabling the challenging separation of radionuclides via the entrapment inside molecular containers (project description)
(Candidate is already chosen. Please don't apply)

Konrad Tiefenbacher (University of Basel)

Patrick Julian Steinegger (PSI)


Coherent feedback control of nanomechanical oscillators (project description)

Philipp Treutlein (University of Basel)

Patrick Potts (University of Basel)


A diamond-based spin-photon interface (project description)

Richard Warburton (University of Basel)

Patrick Maletinsky (University of Basel)

Timeline 2023/2024

30 April 2023

Deadline for project proposal submission to Claudia Wirth

May - June

Review process

Late June

Information about project acceptance

July - December

Search for candidates, interviews and hiring

October - November

Online application tool open

1 January 2024

Earliest project start

1 July 2024Latest project start

Upcoming events

Nanoscience in the Snow
17-19 January 2024

Rhetoric Workshop (by invitation, participation once while being an SNI PhD student):
13-14 June 2024

Annual Event 2024:
4-6 September

Annual Event 2025:
10-12 September

Dr. Thomas Mortelmans
"I can recommend the SNI PhD School to everybody who is interested in interdisciplinary science."

Dr. Thomas Mortelmans, former doctoral student at the SNI

Video with Thomas Mortelmans