Study nanoscience in Basel

Nanoscience is a young and pioneering branch of science that will have a lasting impact on the world of tomorrow. In fall semester 2002, the University of Basel became Switzerland’s first higher education institution to offer a nanoscience degree program. From the outset, this interdisciplinary program provides students with the foundations of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Later during their studies, they can focus on areas that interest them most.

The nanoscience program is ideal for ambitious students with wide-ranging scientific interests who wish to gain comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge. After three years, graduates are awarded the title of “Bachelor of Science in Nanosciences”. A “Master of Science in Nanosciences” can be earned in a further three semesters.

Why Basel?

Basel is renowned throughout the world for its tradition of interdisciplinary scientific research. The Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) was founded in Basel in 2006 by the University of Basel and the Canton of Aargau, and has since made a name for itself as Northwestern Switzerland’s center of excellence in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The SNI evolved from the National Center of Competence in Research (2001–2013) run by the University of Basel as a leading house.

There are many reasons to study in Basel:

  • The Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) is located in Basel and has an excellent national and international network.
  • The University of Basel offers an excellent infrastructure including a wide range of sports and leisure activities.
  • Basel is home to numerous chemical and pharmaceutical companies, presenting opportunities for internships, projects and master’s theses.
  • Basel may be a small city, but its cultural scene is extremely vibrant and diverse. One particular highlight is the annual Carnival of Basel, or “Basler Fasnacht.”
  • The city is situated at the border between Switzerland, Germany and France, giving it an international feel and offering numerous leisure activities also outside Switzerland.

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