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TEM Image of SiNP(grün)  in Matrix (orange)

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Method for detecting nanoparticles in early life nutrition

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a technique that can detect nanoparticles (that is, particles with a diameter of less than 100 nanometers) in early life nutrition products with a high sample throughput. Nanoparticles are…
Nicolas Candia explains the cryoWriter.

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Automatic preparation for cryo-EM analysis with no loss of material - Start-up cryoWrite delivers its first unit

For several years, the name cryoWrite has cropped up within the SNI network in connection with an instrument used to prepare samples for cryo-electron microscopy. Moreover, a company has existed with this name since 2020 (and from October…
Chip mit Elektrode

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New approach in biosensor technology

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a novel coating of a polymer and carbon nanotubes that is suitable for coating miniaturized electrodes. Such electrodes, in which conductive nanomaterials are embedded in an anti-fouling…
Eric Hovestreydt

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Opportunity for SNI members – Electron Diffraction Experience Center inaugurated in Basel

In 1928, a groundbreaking experiment by Devisson and Germer showed that electrons are diffracted like waves, thereby confirming the theory of quantum mechanics. Almost 100 years later, the young start-up ELDICO Scientific has inaugurated…
Sebastian Loy und Tino Matter

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Swiss MNT Start-up Prize – Encouraging award for young start-up anavo medical

At the Swiss NanoConvention, the young start-up anavo medical was awarded the Nanotechnology Start-up Prize from the Swiss MNT Network. Co-founder Dr. Tino Matter studied nanosciences in Basel, and in 2018 he won the prize for the best…
Eric Hovestreydt

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Electron diffraction for structural analysis – Unique opportunity for SNI network members

ELDICO Scientific, a start-up that developed within the SNI network, has brought an electron diffraction instrument to market that can be used to analyze the 3D atomic structure of nanoscale materials. One of the first devices will be made…
Das Gründerteam von Qnami Alexander Stark, Felipe Favaro, Mathieu Munsch, Patrick Maletinsky im Frühjahr 2019.

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Funding secured and product presented – A positive end to the year for Qnami

Qnami, a fledgling start-up from the SNI network, has received some excellent news in recent weeks: the young company not only presented ProteusQ, its quantum microscope for the analysis of magnetic materials, but has also secured an…
Das Team von ARTIDIS, ein Spin-off des Biozentrums und des Swiss Nanoscience Institute, Universität Basel (Bild: ARTIDIS).

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Biozentrum spin off ARTIDIS joins world’s largest medical center

ARTIDIS announces its successful integration in the highly competitive international Medical Device Cohort 2019 at the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute. The company, which is a spin off from the Biozentrum and the Swiss…
Das Team von Qnami: Dr. Felipe Favaro, Dr. Alexander Stark, Dr. Mathieu Munsch und Prof. Dr. Patrick Maletinsky. (Bild: zvg)

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Qnami announced the closing of a 2.6M CHF seed round

Qnami announced today the closing of a 2.6M CHF (2.6M USD) seed round led by Venture Capital fund Quantonation and further supported by investiere, ZKB Start-up Finance and the High Tech Gründerfond. The funds will support the market entry…
Die vier Gründer von «ELDICO Scientific», Dr. Gunther Steinfeld, Nils Gebhardt, Dr. Gustavo Santiso-Quinones und Dr. Eric Hovestreydt (von links nach rechts), werden ein Elektronendiffraktometer für die Analyse von nanoskaligen Materialien.

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With a wealth of enthusiasm and expertise – Scientists from the SNI network found “ELDICO Scientific”

In June 2019, four experienced entrepreneurs Dr. Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, Dr. Gunther Steinfeld, Dr. Eric Hovestreydt and Nils Gebhardt founded the company “ELDICO Scientific” with a view to commercializing an instrument that measures…