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Swiss NanoConvention 2024 – Two inspiring days full of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Many thanks to all sponsors, chairs, speakers, organizers, student volunteers and participants of the Swiss NanoConvention 2024 for making the conference a success! We experienced two wonderful and inspiring days full of exciting research…
Images of the SmallTalk event

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SmallTalk 2024

On 15 May, "SmallTalk" - the conference of Bachelor students in nanosciences - took place. Each of the participating students gave a short talk on one of their block courses and presented a poster on another block course. They organized…
infected vine leave surface

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Resistant vines in times of climate change

The trinational project WiVitis revolves around sustainable viticulture and concepts that help vineyards tackle the challenges of climate change. Switching over to resistant vine varieties that are adapted to climate change seems an…
Guest on the cruise ship

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The SNI PhD School celebrates its birthday

10 years ago, the first doctoral students started their research at the SNI PhD School - reason enough to invite all current and former doctoral students as well as their project leaders to celebrate this anniversary together. Around 80…

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MINT on the move

During two days, the SNI's outreach team was on the train to talk, tinker and experiment with anyone who wanted to. On the Treno Gottardo of the Schweizer Südostbahn (SOB), we had a diverse program available in the family compartment. From…
Impressionen Annual Event 2022

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Annual Event

This year’s Annual Event was a very special occasion indeed. On the one hand, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get together with colleagues again in a carefree manner in order to exchange ideas, learn about new developments in…
Besucher:innen beim Nano-Tech Aper

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Nano-Tech Apéro

This year, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) hosted a well-attended Nano-Tech Apéro that brought together over 60 guests from research institutions and industry at the end of October. The event…
Menschen treffen sich an SNI-Ständen

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Water-related experiments, shimmering chocolate and much more

Over recent months, the SNI’s outreach team has been out and about more than ever before. Barely a week went by without an event where the SNI team shared their fascination with the natural sciences through fascinating examples. All about…
Die Kinder am SNI-/Physik-Stand gossen mehr als 2800 Seifenstückchen. Das Team vom SNI und dem Departement Physik verbrauchte zudem 80 Liter Seifenlaugen für wunderschöne und ausgefallene Seifenblasen. (Bild: C. Möller, SNI)

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tunBasel – Great for children and young people

May 2022 saw the return of tunBasel after a two-year hiatus, offering children and young people the chance to experience natural sciences and technology for themselves by taking part in numerous activities. Together with the Department of…
Die Schülerinnen und Schüler haben ein Holzmodell eines Rasterkraftmikroskops gebastelt, um das Funtionsprinzip zu verstehen. (Bild: M. Wegmann, SNI)

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AFM workshop – An offer from the SNI

It’s hard to imagine the world of modern research without atomic force microscopes (AFMs). These instruments help researchers around the world to shed light on physical, chemical and biological processes by visualizing the world of atoms…