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Graphik explaining the principle

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Increased coherence thanks to cooling

A team of researchers from the SNI network has increased the coherence of an electron spin in a quantum dot to over half a microsecond for the first time. The scientists achieved the more than 150-fold increase in coherence time by using…
Markus Dürrenberger

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Markus Dürrenberger receives honorary membership of the SNI

At this year’s Annual Event, Dr. Markus Dürrenberger received honorary SNI membership in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to microscopy and for setting up the Nano Imaging Lab. Dürrenberger is not only an expert in all kinds of…
Announcement Volkshochschule

Series of talks on nanosciences

In collaboration with Volkhochschule beider Basel, the SNI is organizing a series of lectures on the topic of “Nanosciences — interdisciplinary into the future.” Using five examples from current research, scientists from the SNI network…

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Who are the women in the nanosciences? Géraldine Guex, Professor for Oral Implantology at UZB

Géraldine Guex started studying nanosciences at the University of Basel 20 years ago. Now, as Straumann Assistant Professor at the University Center of Dental Medicine Basel (UZB), she is a new member of the SNI network. In the short video,…
Jonathan de Roo gives a talk at the annual event.

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SNSF Starting Grant for Jonathan de Roo

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has awarded another six Starting Grants to University of Basel researchers. The projects come from the fields of biomedicine, chemistry, environmental sciences history and urban studies. One of…
magic graphene

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Investigation of “magic” graphene

Researchers from the SNI network have used an atomic force microscope in pendulum mode to study a two-layer graphene device. In this bilayer graphene, the two layers of pure carbon were rotated by the “magic angle” of approximately 1.1°…
Summarizing graph

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Better classification with machine learning

Researchers from the SNI network have introduced a new machine learning technique specifically designed to enhance the analysis of protein unfolding using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) data. The team of Prof. Michael Nash (University of…
Images and descriptions

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Nano Image Award 2023

The winners of the Nano Image Award 2023 have been selected! Congratulations! And many thanks to everyone who submitted beautiful images of the micro and nano world to the Nano Image Award 2023!

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Who are the women in nanoscience? Tamara Utzinger, University of Basel

Tamara Utzinger would definitely study nanosciences again, she tells us in an interview. She particularly liked the family atmosphere and the diversity of the program.  She has just completed her Master's degree in nanosciences with a…
Dominik Zumbühl

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Dominik Zumbühl elected American Physical Society Fellow for 2023

Prof. Dr. Dominik Zumbühl, SNI member and director of the NCCR Spin, receives the award “For quantum transport experiments in semiconductor nanostructures at low temperatures studying coherence, spins, and spin-orbit coupling including…