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Ad PhD School 2023

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Apply now for the new PhD positions

Seven new PhD projects in the SNI PhD School were approved. You can now apply for the exciting interdisciplinary positions. Further information

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Annual Event 2023

From September 6-8, the members of the SNI network met for the Annual Event - for the first time in the Canton of Aargau at Lake Hallwil. It was a wonderful meeting with exciting talks and posters about basic and applied research in very…
Flyer für die Vortragsreihe

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Lecture series on nanoscience (in German)

In collaboration with the Volkhochschule beider Basel, the SNI is organizing a series of lectures on the topic of "Nanosciences - interdisciplinary into the future". Using five examples from current research, scientists from the SNI network…
Title page of the special issue

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Special issue in commemoration of Wolfgang P. Meier

A special issue of Macromolecular Rapid Communications has just been published dedicated to Wolfgang P. Meier, who passed away in January 2022. Wolfgang Meier was a professor at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel, vice…

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Cool experiments for hot days

It's too hot to go outside, but you still want to do something fun with the family? How about some cool experiments? On our experiments page you'll find lots of ideas, instructions and explanations. Experiments and projects
explanation of Andreev atoms, Andreev molecules and Andreev helium

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"Andreev chemistry" on a nanowire

Researchers at the University of Basel and Lund University have generated superconducting pair states of electrons on several segments of a nanowire, separated by grown barriers. Depending on the height of the barriers, these pair states…

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Women in the SNI network

"Don't be afraid to make mistakes," recommends SNI PhD student Antonia Ruffo at the end of the short video in our "Women in the SNI Network" series. In the doctoral thesis, Antonia is developing a non-invasive temperature measurement…

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MINT on the move

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) at the University of Basel is once again a guest of the Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB) on July 12 and 13. On both days, children and adults can experiment during a train ride and have fun using…
Flyer Nano-Argovia Call 2024

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Submit applications for applied Nano-Argovia projects!

The research program "Nano-Argovia" has been funding joint projects between public research institutions (ANAXAM or PSI, CSEM Allschwil, D-BSSE ETH Basel, FHNW Muttenz and Windisch, University of Basel) and industrial partners in…

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Less vulnerable as a community - Timon Baltisberger wins master’s prize for analysis of biofilms

Timon Baltisberger is to receive the prize for the best master’s thesis in nanosciences at the University of Basel in 2022. In the prizewinning thesis, he proved that Vibrio cholerae bacteria inside a biofilm are more tolerant to various…