SNI network partners and external customers can benefit from and use the services offered by the excellent workshops and the technology department at the Department of Physics (which are also supported by the SNI). Different groups specialize in developing, designing, and constructing special research apparatus, and have enabled a great deal of outstanding research to be conducted for the first time. The highly trained staff use their experience and the excellent workshop facilities to find consistently creative solutions to a wide range of tasks.

Examples of successful collaborations

Sascha Martin’s mechanics shop recently joined forces with Professor Richard Warburton’s research group to develop a special confocal resonance-fluorescence microscope to analyze quantum dots. Michael Steinacher’s electronics lab has been working with the Swiss Gemmological Institute for years. This collaborative relationship has seen the lab team develop a fully automated machine to examine small diamonds. Dr. Laurent Marot’s Technology Services department also works to further develop a range of apparatus. The group develops metallic glasses for pressure sensors for the company Endress & Hauser as part of a long-standing collaboration.

If you would like to find out more about the workshops or the technology department, please visit:

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“We cater to your specific needs.”

Sascha Martin, head of the mechanics shop