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Under suspicion – Interactive program for the digital Science Days

Unter Verdacht - Kit

The set contains everything you need to identify the culprit.

The twentieth anniversary of the annual Science Days event at Europa-Park in Rust (Germany) was not what the organizers had originally planned. Like so many other events, this year’s edition had to be held digitally. From 19 October to 29 November, research institutions, associations and companies put on a diverse program of activities aimed at awakening young people’s interest in science, just as in previous years.

A long-standing participant in the Science Days, the SNI was on hand to support the digital edition as well, both as a sponsor and a contributor with an exciting program of its own.

As well as providng instructions for a wide range of experiments, the SNI put together a science kit for kids to use in solving an imaginary crime. With the help of a folding microscope, various other analytical methods and a host of clues, aspiring sleuths could examine samples and collect evidence to solve the case. The experiments were put together by the SNI’s Dr. Kerstin Beyer-Hans and sent to interested school classes and individuals. As she stocked up with plenty of the necessary materials, there are still a few kits left. Anyone interested in doing some detective work over the Christmas holidays is welcome to order one!

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