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“Voller Energie” – An exhibition all about water

Museumsdirektor Marc Seidel eröffnete im März die Sonderausstellung «Voller Energie» im Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg. Im Wasserlabor warten zahlreiche Experimente rund um Wasser auf Gross und Klein. (Bild: C. Möller, SNI)

Museum director Marc Seidel opened the special exhibition “Voller Energie” at the Burghalde Museum in Lenzburg in March. Numerous water-related experiments await researchers of all ages in the water laboratory. (Image: C. Möller, SNI)

On 6 March, Dr. Marc Seidel, the manager of Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg, opened the special exhibition “Voller Energie” (Full of energy), which was developed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Lenzburg municipal utilities. The Swiss Nanoscience Institute actively contributed to the new exhibition by setting up a water laboratory for researchers of all ages.


In this small but impressive exhibition, visitors now have the opportunity to experience diverse aspects of water and energy until 30 December 2022. The exhibition is accompanied by the comprehensive publication Voller Energie, which examines the subject area from various different perspectives.

For those who want not only to look and read but also to experience the unique properties of water for themselves, the exhibition also includes a small water laboratory that was developed by the SNI team. Here, various entertaining videos provide information on the physical and chemical properties of water, and numerous experiments invite visitors to experience and try things out for themselves.

Over the course of the year, the SNI’s outreach team will be involved in various events as well as offering a series of workshops.


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