Julius Winter

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Growth at the tip – A successful project at the Biozentrum

Students enrolled on a master’s program in nanosciences at the University of Basel complete two projects in two different subjects before going on to write a final master’s thesis. Julius Winter, who is currently completing his master’s…
Andreas Baumgartner leitet seit Januar 2017 die SNI-Doktorandenschule.

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Interdisciplinary network for the future – Andreas Baumgartner has ideas for the SNI PhD School

Dr. Andreas Baumgartner has been head of the SNI PhD School since January 2017. His long-term goal is to improve and optimize the exchange of knowledge between the different disciplines in the SNI PhD School in order to make it a source of…
Mathieu Munsch, Patrick Maletinsky und Felipe Favaro

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Diamonds help create precise images

On the fourth floor of the Department of Physics, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute has a new neighbor. Qnami, a start-up led by Dr. Mathieu Munsch and the Georg H. Endress Professor Patrick Maletinsky, has moved in opposite the SNI’s general…
Sonja Neuhaus

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Functional surfaces for fascinating effects

Sonja Neuhaus heads research group in the School of Engineering Dr Sonja Neuhaus is fascinated by the possibilities offered by functionalized surfaces. In several Argovia projects, she has used her enthusiasm and knowledge of modified…
Jan Nowakowski

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Jan Nowakowski becomes the first graduate from the SNI’s PhD school

In 2013, the first doctoral students at the SNI’s newly established PhD school started work on their research projects. Jan Nowakowski was one of them. Now he has become the first to complete his doctorate. Understanding nature Jan…
Andreas Reichmuth

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The award for the best Master’s thesis in the nanosciences in 2015 goes to Andreas Reichmuth

At the next SNI Annual Event in Lenzerheide in September, Andreas Reichmuth will receive the prize for the best Master’s thesis in nanosciences of the University of Basel. The 26-year-old Swiss national completed his degree in nanosciences…
Magnus Kristiansen

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Per Magnus Kristiansen supports SNI success through his involvement in the Nano Argovia program

One of the most active scientists in the Nano Argovia program in recent years is Professor Per Magnus Kristiansen. The Swede, who grew up in Switzerland, has been a professor of polymer nanotechnology at the School of Engineering at the…
Thomas Jung

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Professor Thomas Jung

Professor Thomas Jung is a man of many talents. He is an honorary professor at the University of Basel and runs research groups at the Paul Scherrer Institute and the University of Basel. His research activities range from applied research…
Peter Rickhaus

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An Excellent and Socially Engaged Researcher

Peter Rickhaus, until recently a doctoral student in Professor Christian Schönenberger’s group, received the Metrology prize from the Swiss Physical Society (SPS) in September for his work on electron transport in graphene. However, the…
Sara Freund

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Sara Freund Receives Prize for Best Master’s Thesis in 2014

Sara Freund has won the prize for the best Master’s thesis in nanoscale science at the University of Basel. This is the second time the prize has been awarded. The young French scientist, who earned her Bachelor’s in Strasbourg and came to…