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Ultrathin semiconductors electrically connected to superconductors for the first time

For the first time, University of Basel researchers have equipped an ultrathin semiconductor with superconducting contacts. These extremely thin materials with novel electronic and optical properties could pave the way for previously…
Durch Druck von unten verbiegt sich das Bauelement. Dadurch verlängert sich die eingebettete Graphenschicht, und ihre elektrischen Eigenschaften ändern sich. (Foto: Universität Basel/SNI)

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Stretching changes the electronic properties of graphene

The electronic properties of graphene can be specifically modified by stretching the material evenly, say researchers at the University of Basel. These results open the door to the development of new types of electronic components. Link to…
Nach der Synthese liegen die Pyrazinacene in der reduzierten Form vor. Nach einem ersten Oxidationsschritt bilden sie Ketten. Bei einer zweiten Oxidation liegen sie wieder isoliert vor und sind nun aber vollkommen planar. (Abbildung: Departement Physik, Universität Basel)

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New class of substances for redox reactions

An interdisciplinary, multinational research team presents a new class of chemical compounds that can be reversibly oxidized and reduced. The compounds known as ‘pyrazinacenes’ are simple, stable compounds that consist of a series of…
antiferromagnetischer Einkristall

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Concept for a new storage medium

Physicists from Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine have proposed an innovative new data storage medium. The technique is based on specific properties of antiferromagnetic materials that had previously resisted experimental examination. Link…

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Kagome graphene promises exciting properties

For the first time, physicists from the University of Basel have produced a graphene compound consisting of carbon atoms and a small number of nitrogen atoms in a regular grid of hexagons and triangles. This honeycomb-structured “kagome…
Elektrisch schaltbares Qubit

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Electrically switchable qubit can tune between storage and fast calculation modes

To perform calculations, quantum computers need qubits to act as elementary building blocks that process and store information. Now, physicists have produced a new type of qubit that can be switched from a stable idle mode to a fast…