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Chip mit Elektrode

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New approach in biosensor technology

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a novel coating of a polymer and carbon nanotubes that is suitable for coating miniaturized electrodes. Such electrodes, in which conductive nanomaterials are embedded in an anti-fouling…
AFM tip on a surface

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Unexpected speed-dependent friction

In the macro world, friction doesn’t depend on the speed at which two surfaces move past one another, but researchers from Basel and Tel Aviv have now observed precisely this effect in special graphene structures on a platinum surface. Due…
Spin-Korrelation 1

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Spin correlation between paired electrons demonstrated

Physicists at the University of Basel have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that there is a negative correlation between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons from a superconductor. For their study, the researchers…
Die Plattform mit zwei eng beieinander liegenden, stark reflektierenden Spiegeln und einer keilförmigen Diamantmembran ebnet den Weg für einen universellen, niedrigschwelligen Frequenzschieber für Laserlicht. Die Arbeit wurde auch auf dem Titelblatt des Journals gezeigt. (Bild: Flågan, Riedel und

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Laser light of any wavelength

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a platform for the resonant enhancement for so-called nonlinear optical processes which could aid to produce laser light of any wavelength. They combine a wedge-shaped diamond membrane with…

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Ultracold circuits

Cooling materials to extremely low temperatures is important for basic physics research as well as for technological applications. By improving a special refrigerator and a low-temperature thermometer, Basel scientists have now managed to…
Kopplung von Elektron-Loch-Paaren

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Coupling of electron-hole pairs

For the first time, physicists from the University of Basel have succeeded in coupling different types of electron-hole pairs (excitons) in the van der Waals material molybdenum disulfide. This successful coupling allows them to utilize and…

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Twin photons from unequal sources

Identical light particles (photons) are important for many technologies that are based on quantum physics. A team of researchers from Basel and Bochum has now produced identical photons with different quantum dots – an important step…
vibrierende Membran mit einer Wolke aus Atomen

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Cooling matter from a distance

Researchers from the University of Basel have succeeded in forming a control loop consisting of two quantum systems separated by a distance of one meter. Within this loop, one quantum system — a vibrating membrane — is cooled by the other —…
Thomas Mortelmans

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New rapid test could detect coronavirus and flu simultaneously

Researchers from the University of Basel and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have developed a rapid test for Covid-19 with a novel functional principle. Although it requires further testing and improvements, the initial results are…