SNI director Martino Poggio

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Dear colleagues and interested parties, In August 2022, I took over as director of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute from Christian Schönenberger. The weeks that followed have been very exciting indeed. In my first official act as director,…

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Entanglement: A fascinating topic of research in the SNI network – and worthy of a Nobel Prize

In October, the Nobel Prize Committee announced that Professors Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger were to be awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. Their pioneering experiments with entangled photons have laid the…
Christian Schönenberger Ehrenmitglied

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New honorary member Christian Schönenberger: Always searching for answers

In September 2022, Professor Christian Schönenberger was awarded honorary membership in the SNI for his extraordinary dedication as SNI director. Many of us know about his contributions to the SNI, the aspects of the SNI that were important…
SNC 2022 award ceremony C. Lotter

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A specific signal for improved uptake: Claudia Lotter receives PhD Award in recognition of her work

At the Swiss NanoConvention 2022, the former nanoscience student Claudia Lotter received the PhD Award — sponsored by the Hightech Zentrum Aargau — in recognition of a first-author publication in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and…
SNC 2022 Preisübergabe T. Mortelmans

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New principle for antibody tests: Thomas Mortelmans receives the Swiss Nanotechnology PhD Award

Dr. Thomas Mortelmans, a former doctoral student at the SNI PhD School, was presented with one of five PhD Awards at the Swiss NanoConvention 2022. He received the award, which is sponsored by Sensirion, in recognition of a first-author…
Alexina Ollier

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Ending her doctoral dissertation on a high: Alexina Ollier receives an award for her presentation

Former SNI doctoral student Alexina Ollier has been presented with the Young Researcher Award at the International Vacuum Congress 2022 in Sapporo (Japan). She received the award, which is sponsored by Canon Anelva Corporation, for her…
Vier Studentinnen Nanowissenschaften

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Medical nanosciences: A real enrichment of the nanoscience program

Since September 2021, the new specialization in medical nanosciences has been available to nanoscience students at the University of Basel. This offers a fascinating alternative to the existing specializations in physics, chemistry and…

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Make Nano Visible: In 2023, INASCON will once again be held in Basel

From 22 to 25 August, the International Nanoscience Student Conference (INASCON) will be held at the University of Basel. The event, which is expected to attract some 100 guests from all over the world, is being organized by a team of eight…
Nicolai Jung mit Freunden

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Guest article by Nicolai Jung: An unforgettable year at Harvard University

Since starting my degree, I had always planned to study at a university abroad in order to expand my horizons. I’ve now made this dream a reality by spending an amazing year at Harvard University in Boston, USA. This exciting time not only…
Impressionen Annual Event 2022

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Annual Event

This year’s Annual Event was a very special occasion indeed. On the one hand, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get together with colleagues again in a carefree manner in order to exchange ideas, learn about new developments in…