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Dear colleagues and nanoenthusiasts,

Another year is drawing to a close. Before we start our hopefully relaxing holidays, we have some news about the SNI.



Honored for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three nanoscientists. We interviewed Professor Jonathan de Roo from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel to find out more about these special nanocrystals and about the nanocrystal applications he is exploring in his research.


PSI-Impuls Award

The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and the PSI-Impuls Association have presented former SNI doctoral student Dr. Thomas Mortelmans with the PSI-Impuls Award. Mortelmans received the prize, which is presented every two years for the best application-oriented doctoral dissertation at the PSI, for his dissertation on the “Development of a nanofluidic particle size sorter and its biomedical applications.” 


Nano Image Award 2023

Congratulations to the winners and thanks a lot to all participants!

Winning images


Passionate about microscopy and technology

At this year’s Annual Event, Dr. Markus Dürrenberger received honorary SNI membership in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to microscopy and for setting up the Nano Imaging Lab. Dürrenberger is not only an expert in all kinds of microscopes, but also an enthusiastic teacher and an outstanding technician who has brought numerous inventions to the market, as we learn in our interview.



Nano Fabrication Lab

In November 2023, two new members of staff joined the team of the Nano Fabrication Lab (NF Lab): Juri Herzog and Xavier Wildermuth will now support Dr. Gerard Gadea and Arnold Lücke in their work. Together, the four-person team will further expand the portfolio of services in the field of nanofabrication.



Back to her roots

From 2024, the Straumann Assistant Professor Dr. Anne Géraldine Guex will become a member of the SNI network. The unusual thing about this appointment is that Guex was part of the SNI at the time of its founding, when she was a student of the nanosciences.




Projects as part of the Quantum Transitional Call

The second half of 2023 saw the launch of four quantum research projects with the participation of SNI members.


Guest article: Looking back on INASCON 2023

This year, Basel hosted the INASCON - a conference by and for nanoscience student - for the third time from 22 to 25 August.



Support in the form of detailed imaging

The team of the Nano Imaging Lab team provides support for high-school diploma projects a few times a year.



News from the SNI network
SNI PhD School

Applications still open.



Series of talks on nanosciences

In collaboration with Volkhochschule beider Basel, the SNI is organizing a series of lectures on nanosciences.




Boundaries in the nanosciences

We contributed a listicle on boundaries in the nanosciences for the latest edition of UNI NOVA.