Block courses HS 2023 and FS 2024 (5. + 6. semester)

During their fifth and sixth semesters, students complete internships in the form of block courses. This annual course must only be completed once, starting in the fall semester. Students must choose eight courses from the selection available. The courses are open only to students who have completed their first year (introductory level). Block courses are assigned following registration, which takes place before the beginning of the semester. Students must meet the admission criteria in order to receive their final assignments.

Registration is carried out by auction. Any student wishing to register for a particular course must contact Study Coordination by 30 April 2023. Applicants who have been accepted may log in here.

Students have to produce a report on each block course they complete in order to receive credit points for the individual block courses.

Course description HS23/FS24 (8 MB)

Schedule of block courses HS23/FS24 (510 kB)

Information sheet block courses (57 kB)

Assessment criteria for block course reports (57 kB)

Information Safety Management in the laboratory (8 MB)

Block courses and travel expenses

Please use only the forms provided to request reimbursement of travel expenses. Click here for more details.

Smalltalk 2023

SmallTalk 2023