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Annual Event

Impressionen Annual Event 2022

The SNI’s annual event offers plenty of opportunities to get to know people from the SNI network.

This year’s Annual Event was a very special occasion indeed. On the one hand, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get together with colleagues again in a carefree manner in order to exchange ideas, learn about new developments in nanoresearch and discuss wide-ranging subjects. On the other hand, the event also reflected the change taking place at the top of the SNI. Christian Schönenberger was the host at the start of the meeting, but Martino Poggio assumed this role at the end of the second day. Martino took the opportunity to thank Christian for his enormous dedication to the SNI over the last 16 years and to nominate him as an honorary member of the institute.

This year, in response to requests from numerous SNI members, there was slightly more time for discussions with other members — a key aspect of this annual get-together of the interdisciplinary network. The topics of these discussions were as varied as those of the fascinating lectures and posters presented by doctoral students and project leaders, ranging from quantum communication to nanoelectronics and molecular nanomachines. Highlights included the late-night lecture on artificial intelligence given by Professor Tomaso Poggio (MIT, Massachusetts, USA) and the lecture by long-standing Argovia Committee member Dr. Walter Riess (IBM Research, Zurich), who shared some of his extensive experience in the world of research.

Award-winning doctoral students
Josh Zuber, from Professor Patrick Maletinsky’s Quantum Sensing Lab, received an award for the best talk by a doctoral student, and Ajmal Roshan, who works in the groups of Professor Patrick Shahgaldian (FHNW) and Professor Jonathan de Roo (Department of Chemistry), received an award for his excellent poster.

Perhaps another thing that made this year’s Annual Event so special was that it was the last to be held in the Lenzerheide region. Next year, the SNI network will meet at the Hallwilersee (Lake Hallwil) in the Canton of Aargau. We’re already looking forward to continuing in this tradition of a meeting focused on interdisciplinary exchange across institutional boundaries in a new setting.

Highlights from the start of the Annual Event