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Electrospray method expands range of different graphene ribbons

Mit der Hochvakuum-Elektrospray-Deposition können ausgedehnte Graphen-Nanobänder mit besonderen Eigenschaften für hochauflösende Studien zugänglich gemacht werden. (Bild: S. Scherb, Departement Physik, Universität Basel)

With high-vacuum electrospray deposition, extended graphene nanoribbons with special properties can be accessed for high-resolution studies. (Image: S. Scherb, Department of Physics, University of Basel)

Researchers from the SNI network have accessed various graphene nanoribbons using high-vacuum electrospray deposition.

They succeeded in investigating longer graphene nanoribbons with properties that are difficult or impossible to achieve with surface synthesis. For example, various temperature-sensitive functional groups can be integrated in solution, or twisted graphene ribbons can be produced. The high-vacuum electrospray method also allows the deposition of graphene on substrates that were previously unavailable for on-surface synthesis.

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