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Before we all bid one another farewell for summer break, there’s plenty of positive news and developments to report on

Automatic preparation for cryo-EM analysis with no loss of material

Start-up cryoWrite delivers its first unit

We interviewed Andreas Engel, one of the founders of cryoWrite, and report on the progress of the young startup.

New Nano-Argovia projects in 2023

Five new applied research projects launched in Nano-Argovia program (Text)
Smooth mirrors for X-rays Text
Optical tweezers for 3D printing of cells using an efficient femtosecond laser Text
Novel current sensor fulfills the latest quality standards Text
Quantum sensor for diagnostics in the brain Text
Innovative approach in the treatment of cancer Text

Less vulnerable as a community

Timon Baltisberger wins master’s prize for analysis of biofilms
Timon Baltisberger has shown that bacteria in biofilms are more resistant to antibiotics.

Women in the SNI network

In a video series, strong women in our network talk about their path in the natural sciences

Changes at the Nano Imaging Lab

Marcus Wyss takes over as the new head
On June 1, Marcus Wyss replaced the now-retired Markus Dürrenberger as head of the Nano Imaging Lab.

Guest article by Philippe Van der Stappen

Six months in Australia
Philippe Van der Stappen wrote his master's thesis at Monash University and reports on his time in Australia.


Impressive performance by nanoscience students
Every year in May, the nano students organize a conference where they report on the results of the block courses.

On rails and on campus

New formats for public relations work
The SNI team has launched two new pilot projects to get the general public interested in natural sciences.

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