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Eric Hovestreydt

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Opportunity for SNI members – Electron Diffraction Experience Center inaugurated in Basel

In 1928, a groundbreaking experiment by Devisson and Germer showed that electrons are diffracted like waves, thereby confirming the theory of quantum mechanics. Almost 100 years later, the young start-up ELDICO Scientific has inaugurated…
Das neue TEM/STEM des NI Labs wird bereits in zahlreichen wissenschaftlichen Projekten eingesetzt wie Marcus Wyss in seiner Präsentation ausführt. (Bild: S. Erpel, NI Lab, Universität Basel)

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Inauguration of the new TEM/STEM – A highlight for the team of the Nano Imaging Lab and its users

In May, the Nano Imaging Lab (NI Lab) presented its new transmission electron microscope (JEM-F200) to the public. The inauguration was a chance for some 30 guests from various departments of the University of Basel, the University of…
Beim Seifen-Wochenende in Lenzburg drehte sich alles um Seife – in ganz unterschiedlichen Formen. (Bild: M. Wegmann, SNI)

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Hands-on: Public relations returns to public spaces

Following an extended break, the SNI’s Outreach team is back to meeting with children and students live and in person. Alongside TecDays, the SNI team primarily focused on the events planned in collaboration with Museum Burghalde in…
In festlichem Rahmen feierten Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Nanostudiums ihren Masterabschluss. (Bild: K. Schad)

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Master’s graduation ceremony: A well-deserved celebration

This year, we were finally able to hold an apéro to celebrate the graduation of our master’s nanosciences students from the past two years. In November, the Study Coordination team led by Dr. Anja Car and Simone Chambers invited over 30…
Henning Stahlberg wurde zum SNI-Ehrenmitglied ernannt. Vanni Doffini erhielt den Preis für den besten Talk und Timon Baltisberger den Outreach-Award.

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Finally face-to-face again: Annual Event and Nano Tech Apéro

Last year, the two most important events in the SNI network – the Annual Event and the Nano Tech Apéro – were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As both events hinge not only on the pure exchange of information, but also on personal…
Ameise unter Rasterelektronenmikroskop

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New feature at the Technorama: Scanning electron microscope offers a glimpse into the micro and nano world

The Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur has recently acquired a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which can be used to view tiny surface structures in fine detail. With this new device, seemingly smooth surfaces become wild…

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Nano-Tech Apéro 2021

After a short introduction to the work of the SNI and Omya, all participants were given an exciting guided tour of the Omya labs. The company mainly produces calcium carbonate and is researching a wide range of new applications for…

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SNI Annual Event

Every year,  SNI members meet for their annual event in Lenzerheide. In 2021, the event was special because we were able to meet in person again after a long break. During the event, Prof. Dr. Henning Stahlberg (EPFL) was appointed as SNI…

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SNI Innovation Workshop – From Lab to Startup

SNI Innovation Workshop – From lab to start-up Doctoral dissertations at the SNI largely revolve around questions of fundamental science, but potential applications are sometimes just around the corner. Topics such as innovation and the…
Participants of the SNC

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Swiss NanoConvention – A look behind the scenes Past Events, SNI INSight August 2021

While last year’s Swiss NanoConvention (SNC) was canceled entirely due to the pandemic, the event returned this year. The difference between SNC 2021 and previous years’ events, however, was that the participants met online rather than in…