3D Laserscanning microscope (reflexion type)

Technical specifications

3D Laserscanning-Mikroskop (Reflexion)
  • 16-bit confocal 3D laser scanning microscope
  • Control unit: VK-X1000
  • Microscope head: VK-X1100
  • Motorized stage
  • Wavelength of the violet semiconductor laser: 404 nm
  • Magnification: 42x to 28’800x
  • Resolution of the z-axis: 0.5 nm
  • WIDE scan to expand the image field at high magnification
  • VK-X stitching software for measuring large areas with high resolution
  • No sample preparation or vacuum necessary

Imaging options

  • High resolution CMOS color image
  • 16-bit laser color confocal image
  • Confocal pinhole optics with ND filter (focus variation)
  • 3D illustration with height scale
  • C-Laser DIC image (differential interference contrast)

Typical applications

  • Fast imaging of the measuring objects in real colors (for matt, reflective and transparent surfaces)
  • Profile, roughness, volume, surface and layer thickness measurements
  • Automatic evaluation and comparison functions
  • Stitching and roughness programs (according to ISO)


Physics Department, Lab 0.17