Terms and conditions for users of the Nano Imaging Lab facility

If you wish to make use of the services of the Nano Imaging Lab, please register at www.nanoimaging1.unibas.ch.

Please provide a short description of your project and let us know which method for imaging and analysis you are interested in.

One of our specialists will contact you and discuss next steps. We offer a full service for your project or you can choose to be trained on an instrument to work on your own. Please read the information sheet on training. Your contact person will give you an introduction to using the lab. Only then are you allowed to log into our facility management tool and book the instrument:  www.nanoimaging1.unibas.ch

We save all your images and other data via the facility management tool in a database that is secured against data loss. Your data can only be seen by you and the NI Lab team. Copyright for all data produced is held by the University of Basel and by you, unless any other regulations in written form apply.

If you generate image data as an independent user and have not stored it in the database in our facility management tool, you are responsible for backing up your data and securing copyright for the University of Basel. We assume no liability for any loss of data.

If you publish images and data that have been collected in the NI Lab, you are always obliged to give the source (Nano Imaging Lab, SNI, University of Basel) and the specialist involved under ‘acknowledgements’. If the contribution to a publication involves an intensive amount of work by a NI Lab specialist, we would very much appreciate being mentioned as co-authors. Please send us a pdf copy of your publication.

Our price list can be found and downloaded at www.nanoimaging.unibas.ch .

All services listed will be charged to you or your workgroup.

If you damage an instrument with culpable negligence, you or your workgroup will have to bear the costs of the repair.

If you need special chemicals for preparation, you need to deliver these from your own lab. Please always discuss such items in advance with your specialist in charge.

Please take care not to endanger yourself and other persons during your work in the labs and rooms of the NI Lab. Our labs are not classified for the use of dangerous chemicals. The use of liquid nitrogen as a coolant has to be instructed by the NI Lab staff.

You are not allowed to instruct a third person to use any instrument at the NI Lab. Training on the instruments is exclusively performed by our specialists.

By signing this form, you accept the terms and conditions of the Nano Imaging Lab.