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Women in the SNI network: Oya Tagit

"Follow your dream!" That's what Prof. Dr. Oya Tagit recommends in the short video that continues our series of videos featuring women from the SNI network. Oya Tagit is a professor at the School of Life Sciences at the University of…

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MINT on the move

During two days, the SNI's outreach team was on the train to talk, tinker and experiment with anyone who wanted to. On the Treno Gottardo of the Schweizer Südostbahn (SOB), we had a diverse program available in the family compartment. From…
Collage showing different experiments

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MINT on the move: Science experiments on a train

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) at the University of Basel, in collaboration with Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB), is launching a pilot project in which children and adults can conduct experiments while riding a train. Passengers…
Hüpfendes Ei

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Happy Easter!

We wish everyone a Happy Easter! If no one wants to eat Easter eggs anymore, you can also experiment with eggs. Here are a few ideas for fun and exciting Easter and spring experiments.
Annual report

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Annual report 2022

The SNI Annual Report is now online. The general section provides a concise overview of the various activities of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute in 2022. We provide a pdf and an animated version with embedded videos. The scientific…
Ilaria Zardo

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Emmy Noether Distinction for Ilaria Zardo

Professor Dr. Ilaria Zardo of the Department of Physics and Swiss Nanoscience Institute at the University of Basel will be awarded the Emmy Noether Distinction of the European Physical Society (EPS) in the mid-career category. The physicist…

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Electron beam lithography also possible on uneven surfaces

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a new method for applying electron beam lithography to uneven surfaces. They are working with a floating resist that enables uniform coating. The work was recently published in the scientific…
A two-dimensional boron nitride layer is suspended above holes in a silicon nitride membrane. The device could be used as an optomechanical sensor. (Image: D. Jaeger, Department of Physics, University of Basel)

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Promising combination

Researchers from the SNI network have fabricated a tiny optomechanical device consisting of a two-dimensional, free-hanging hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) layer suspended above holes in a silicon nitride membrane. The tiny hBN drum can be…
Yeast cells

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Method to improve the yeast cell display

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a method to improve the so-called yeast surface display. Yeast surface display is a fundamental tool for protein engineering and targeted protein evolution. In this process, yeast cells are…
Nanopartikel mit Enzymen

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Nano-heating enables enzymes to work at sub-zero temperatures

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a strategy to enable the activity of a natural biocatalyst at low temperatures, down to -10°C. Professor Patrick Shahgaldian’s group from the FHNW School of Life Sciences immobilized enzymes…