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New method for determining the exchange energy of 2D materials

Researchers from the University of Basel have looked at how the ferromagnetic properties of electrons in the two-dimensional semiconductor molybdenum disulfide can be better understood. They revealed a surprisingly simple way of measuring…
Image of Chip

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Superconducting qubits – voltage tuned

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a new qubit platform that could be suitable for various applications. In contrast to conventional superconducting qubits made of metals, the team has combined a technologically relevant…
TEM Image of SiNP(grün)  in Matrix (orange)

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Method for detecting nanoparticles in early life nutrition

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a technique that can detect nanoparticles (that is, particles with a diameter of less than 100 nanometers) in early life nutrition products with a high sample throughput. Nanoparticles are…
Two radicals in two cages

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Using light to produce medication and plastics more efficiently

Anyone who wants to produce medication, plastics or fertilizer using conventional methods needs heat for chemical reactions – but not so with photochemistry, where light provides the energy. The process to achieve the desired product also…
Experimental setup

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Strong spin-photon coupling

Researchers from the SNI network have achieved strong coupling between an electron spin and a single photon. Normally, an electron spin couples only weakly to photons. To achieve strong coupling with a single photon, the researchers used a…
miniature quantum memory

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Mass-producible miniature quantum memory

Researchers at the University of Basel have built a quantum memory element based on atoms in a tiny glass cell. In the future, such quantum memories could be mass-produced on a wafer. It is hard to imagine our lives without networks such…
Graphik explaining the principle

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Increased coherence thanks to cooling

A team of researchers from the SNI network has increased the coherence of an electron spin in a quantum dot to over half a microsecond for the first time. The scientists achieved the more than 150-fold increase in coherence time by using…
magic graphene

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Investigation of “magic” graphene

Researchers from the SNI network have used an atomic force microscope in pendulum mode to study a two-layer graphene device. In this bilayer graphene, the two layers of pure carbon were rotated by the “magic angle” of approximately 1.1°…
Summarizing graph

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Better classification with machine learning

Researchers from the SNI network have introduced a new machine learning technique specifically designed to enhance the analysis of protein unfolding using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) data. The team of Prof. Michael Nash (University of…
Vibrating molecules

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Vibrations of molecules visualized and studied

Researchers from the SNI network have developed a new method for imaging the vibration of molecules. The scientists, led by Professor Ernst Meyer from the Department of Physics at the University of Basel, have studied a specific pyrene…